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Easy Ways Students Can Make Money Online

Easy Ways Students Can Make Money Online

We should stop wasting time, in over connecting through social media! I feel sorry for my friends who waste hours and hours of their precious time on Facebook or any other social media it may be, which doesn't give back any thing at the end of the day.
At this point of time where i know something about the potential of constructive nature of internet, i cant even look back where i use to waste 8-10 hours of continuous online gaming! That was terrible. My online gaming rig (xfire) has registered more than 1200 online gaming hours. Wish i had spent those on blogging or any other constructive work on online.

I would recommend my fellow friends through this post, that kindly think out of the shell (beyond your age). Gaming or Facebooking is not every thing in the world. Here i am to list some of the great ways by which students, housewives, teens, or who ever it may be, would feel blessed to know, the list of top 12 money making ventures online.

Didn't you ever wished to have that extra pocket money, that you could spend out by your own will? For the gamers out there, who just cant leave their gaming world (as i couldn't get out of it easily), i have an exciting news for you later in the post. You need to read this one, before you jump back to your game!

Same is the case with housewives, who often want to pass their time constructively, they can earn really good sums through these money making opportunities while sitting in their homes. Its interesting and exciting. That's why i wish i had started my online career 5-6 years from now.

1. YouTube Career- Make Money From Uploading Videos To YouTube

YouTube is another world. No doubt about that. I have 2 channels, one for my blog and another where i used to put random vlogs/tutorials i liked. Though i never make any money out of it, as the Partnership program wasn't available in Pakistan, but its a great way to (if you have viewership and if you live where partnership program is available).

Below is the country list where YouTube partnership program is available.

YouTube Says:

If you live in country where partnership hasn't officially been launched, you will be redirected to the homepage. Currently, the YouTube Partner Program is only available to users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and the United States.
But note that you could even get into money program without joining YouTube partners program. How basically that works is that imagine you have started making quality videos (that you upload to your YouTube channel regularly) and if you videos start getting decent hits (like 10k+ approx), that is when people like your stuff, then YouTube often invites the person to join their money program. 
You could then be able to display Adsense ads on your videos and start earning revenue. In case you get accepted into YouTube partnership program, there is nothing better than that (if you have passion making videos online) as YouTube would then start paying you out monthly according to the number of hits/views you get on average. That is by your popularity/viewership.
If i had been accepted into Partners program, i would probably not have faced towards the blogging career of mine. Just saying. I love making videos :) (plus i am good at editing, so that's makes out a perfect combination that you need for YouTube success)
So i would say that do give it a try. This is specially great for youngsters, teens, students. Housewives can actively participate in the YouTube community too if they would not get bored of making videos eventually. Every thing needs consistency. 
(I am going too long for this one)

2. Make Money By Playing Games Online (Testing/Reviewing)

Yeah by playing games! Did you ever wish for something like this to happen. You can keep on playing hours and hours, but this time you would be get paid. There are so many companies that pay out the gamers community to play on their games, often before releasing period so that they could give out their feed back. This lets the companies to improve any glitches or other gaming experience bugs that could later drop their game sales.

Few thousands dollars could save their entire millions project. Win win situation for both the parties. The gamers and the developers.

There are few such sites that require you to signup (paid) which i don't feel is much practical for students, so instead they could op tin for just paid to play games. Where you get paid by simply playing number of hours on the site.

The companies give out a portion of their ads revenue.

3. Write Articles To Get Paid Online


Many people often consider website like Hub pages/squidoo in this category which i don't really believe too. These popular websites work in a way, where users publish articles on their hub, which is kinda their profile page. The articles could be of any category. I think you choose the category in which you would write in when you make up your profile for the first time.

They don't pay you for publishing articles, in fact you get revenue by the Adsense ads that get displayed beside your articles (hubs). For that you have to link your account with your Adsense account. Other options are Kontera. They also accept affiliate links in the article.

So i believe this option is good for those who doesn't want to or doesn't know to build up their own blogs from zero level. As these sites do the SEO work for you. The users would make more money out of ads if their articles are good enough to attract traffic from search engines (as our normal blog posts does).

I would not prefer this one over blogging. You could work a little more hard on setting up your blog and would get thousand times more reward in future for the same level of handwork with your articles.

 Paid To Review Articles
Then their are those sites which pay for review different products. May it be a neutral product or something of their own. A website like review stream pays out 2$ to the writers for each review that gets published (accepted) and then .1$ for each comment that is based on the review.

The more quality reviews you write, the more you get.

4. Get Paid To Listen To Music Online

This doesn't have any age barriers. Music is a universal language that could suite any one of any age. Companies pay you to listen to the music that is yet to launch. Why? Because they get an opportunity to get feedback from music lovers by which they could improve the final addition of the song. This helps them to launch successful music to the industry and makes huge sums.

Promosquad, SonyMusicAwards are example sites where housewives, teens, students, almost any body  could hear to music and get paid.

5. Chat With Friends To Make Money Online

You get paid to chat with your loved ones with the chat system of these sites, just like Facebook etc. Its just that you get paid for what you do. It has great potential. If you can resist chating to your friends and would not be able to leave social media, than you can try this out. Yuwie and Mylot are few examples. You get paid when your pictures are viewed, .5$ / 1000 picture views. Referrals give out a better response. In an all, getting  a penny is better than wasting time at all. But personally i don't really think this would justify the time we would put in.

6. Type Documents And Papers To Make Money Online

If you are good at typing, then this might be a constructive hobby for you. You simply would be given task (documents/papers) to type and then get paid. This includes writing articles for blogs, for sites that offer paid articles jobs etc.

7. Get Paid By Answering Questions

If you are good at any subject, you can always help others about it. Imagine answering questions in Yahoo answers and get paid. Student Questions and know Brainers can be a good example to give here.

Hope these ways would make you more productive. As an all, i am really in the favor of blogging. Though you wont be getting any instant money but after 8-10 months of handwork, you would find your self in a position which you might have dreamt of.


Optimizing Google AdSense Ads On Your Blog

Top Tips For Optimizing Google AdSense Ads On Your Blog

Google AdSense

Setting up Google AdSense is the dream for many bloggers, especially beginners. The reason for this is, most people either don't know about, or don't have any alternate sources of income for their blogs. Hence, AdSense has become their go-to place when it comes to making a living online. A lot of people have asked me this; how to use AdSense correctly and earn more money through it? Indeed, when you think about it, it's no piece of cake. It requires much thinking and effort to do it correctly. From choosing the right colors to reducing you bounce rate, there's indeed a lot that can be done. In this post, I'll hopefully address some of the problems that people face.

Before starting off...

Patience, my friend. Some people, especially beginners, seem eager to set up AdSense ads. Too eager, in fact. So much so that they set up ads merely weeks after setting up their blogs, if they get approved, that is. What most fail to understand is, a high traffic is the key to AdSense. You can only benefit from these ads if you have a decent amount of traffic flowing. Prematurely setting up ads may do more harm than good. Not only will you generate little income, you existing traffic will stall as well. Why? Well,think about why Wikipedia is the leading source of information. It has no ads! Even if they were to start advertising now, it wouldn't make much of a difference. But sites that start anew, but incorporate ads from the very start lost their credibility.
Secondly, earning online is a game of patience, where the impatient often tend to lose. Rushing into things will make things messy. The messier they are, the harder it is to extricate oneself from them. So being patient might pay off. Besides patience, you need to have determination, and the will power to work hard every day. And be ready to accept what you are getting. You need to make sure that you have a similar mind-set before setting up ads on your website.

Optimizing your AdSense Ads

The "Above-The-Fold" strategy
'Above-the-fold' refers to the visible part of a newspaper or magazine that is lying folded on a shelf or a table. In other words, its the area where the eyes first snap to. When a visitor lands on your page, he/she first looks at the top, left side of your website. Normally, this is where your page header and/or site navigation lies. If possible, use an ad banner directly below your header. People need to see your ads if they are going to click on them.
Don't use any other major ad blocks in this region, though. Your site should not look cluttered with ad banners right from the top. A banner at the top and a smaller block in the sidebar is the maximum you should use. If your site looks cluttered with ads, your bounce rate may increase alarmingly, which should not be allowed.
A word about ad units
Opinion from various bloggers shows that the most popular ad blocks are; 330x250 for images, 336x280 for text ads, and 160x600 for side-bar banners. Use these different ad block sizes for the best performance.
Ad placement
Aside from using ads in the above the fold region, you can place ads in other key areas. For example, above your posts as on this very page. Don't place ads in the middle of your content though. This is very annoying, even to a blogger-sympathetic person like me :P.
Multiple ad units?
Also, use a reasonable number of ad blocks. Don't use too many ads blocks. Google AdSense puts a limit on this number in the first place. But that doesn't mean you have to cap that limit. Just don't use so many ads that your website looks cluttered.
Colors - very important!
Most people over-look the importance of this simple point. Try out different color schemes with your ads. Contrasting colors are generally preferred. Some people try to fool their audience by using the same ad colors as their blog theme, and putting the ads hidden between their content. This does not fare well with the audience. Your ads must be clearly visible. Don't try to mess with the ads though. Adding stuff like borders won't make Google happy.

Follow the rules!
Google AdSense has some very strict rules and terms of services. Make sure you read them and adhere to them. In case of any violation, your account might get banned, which is one of Google's favorite things to do. Don't give them any reason. Don't click on your own ads, don't over-use ad blocks, don't use pop-up ads, etc.
Use images
People search for images almost as much as they search for text. Therefore, it is highly likely that visitors would stumble upon your ads through an image search. Upload high quality images to your log to increase your traffic and generating more income.
Don't try to be smart :)
You might be smart,but Google is smarter. It isn't the leading analytics provider without a reason. Using dynamic IPs and proxys to click on your own ads can still land you in trouble. Asking your friends to click daily won't do much good either. Google carefully monitors the click-through rate to audience ratio from a particular country. So if you are planning to out smart Google, forget it. You will most likely end up in trouble.
And in the end...
...look at the picture below and learn something from it :)
Be persistent, and determined.  Otherwise, you're not going anywhere. Good luck with your online career. Cheers :)


Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Inorganically
The success of a Blog totally depends on the traffic following it. It’s important to identify the significance of building a considerable traffic and then maintaining it because it is your blog’s traffic that decides the future of your blogging career. I have been observing newbie Bloggers Trend closely since the day I started my blogging career. The reason why most of the bloggers find their blogs going nowhere is that they serve 40% of their time in searching from where to get the contents, 20% on manipulating it,20% graphics and layout, etc. and only 20% on bringing traffic and increasing viewership. However you need to know that no matter how masterpiece articles you produce, if there is no traffic to read it, you have simply wasted your time in writing it!

Therefore, in order to enhance your earnings with your blog, you need to follow the examples that professional bloggers have left for you. We experimented whatever we learnt throughout as a blogger on our sister blog,, and the result is in front of you.
Here are 50 best Tips to Drive huge traffic to your blog.

1. Outline your Objectives

Just like any other business to start, you must figure out what your actual target is. You need to understand yourself whom to target to. Once you know who can be your potential readers and from where to get them from, you can then apply the remaining tips to increase your blog traffic-and your earning!

2. Offer Quality posts

No other good example can make the point clearer here, to keep your living room attractive; you need attractive furniture too, isn’t it? Now, the quality of your content reflects your entire blog, further attracting readers to stay connected.

3. Comment on blogs and come in limelight

comment on different blogs
You must accept the fact that when you are planning to make money online, then you must interact with readers on different blogs having same niche. As having expertise in your niche, you can always leave your suggestions on other blogs, this highly attracts readers of that blog to learn more about you.

4. Optimize your Blog for search engines

Although majority of the newbie Bloggers find this one as the toughest part of the story, it’s the most important one, to be accurate enough. Try learning more about how to make your posts SEO friendly.

5. Use Forums

Have your heard of “out of sight – out of mind policy”?, if not then better start considering it. as a blogger, you need to achieve some popularity- enough to drag people to your blog to know more from you. Join forums and take part actively. Don not forget to add your blog signatures (link) in the end of your comments

6. Say Yes to Guest posting

guest posting
Guest posting is an effective way to get back links for your blog. while you offer guest posts on blogs, having huge traffic, you are actually introducing your existence, asking them to come and visit your blog-thus follow you!

7. Using trackbacks:

You can always take the help of trackbacks that are widely available on internet, one of them being copyblogger. Its do wonders in increasing your blog traffic

8. play with List Series

About 70% of the total net users are not bloggers. You need to keep self inviting posts to attract readers and the best results are achieved with list series, where you provide quality information in terms of lists like, Top series, Best series, etc. Readers hardly find long, dry piece of information without having any sense of attraction in the content

9. “top 10” posts

Show versatility and produce top 10 Series, readers look for them

10. “Top 50” posts

Too much material to make it as a top 50? Go ahead; it would bring more readers, generating more traffic.

11. Best 100

Large Numbers increase your credibility. If you are sure to share a lot of interesting information, it’s better to split the post in two or three parts, like 100 ways to earn money-part1 and similarly for other parts.

12. Share your secrets- earn more secrets

Talk about the strategy that works best for you. People are in search of working formulas and there are possibilities they get what they are looking for on your blog.

13. Write Link bait posts

“Link bait” basically is the type of work others will want to link to.

14. Create a mailing list

Use email marketing for promotion of your blog traffic.

15. Try to Get a hold of Media

Publicity of your blog via media can generate huge traffic for your blog.

16. Technorati

Submit your blog to technorati,

17. Write tutorials – become authentic

Writing tutorials for a tutorial site is again a great idea. You can tutor people in your domain and can increase your own blog traffic by leaving a link there.

18. secret bloggers club

Help other so that they help you. Bloggers here retweet their posts and share traffic.

19. Ping Your Blog

ping your blog after writing your posts, e.g. pingomatic.

20. Take help of blogging communities

There are communities that are administered by professional bloggers like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage.


Blog carnivals is a good platform to get traffic from. A Must join site.

22. Create videos

Create videos related to your niche and promote your blog with them.

23. Your site- Your Identity

Just as Mr.Mustafa did, professional bloggers recommend to Include your blog URL as signature in your email.

24. Use Social Media

Use social media to promote your blog like advertising your blog with Facebook Ads. It does wonders.

25. Offer Contests

Starting contests on your blog bring more real targeted subscribers.

26. Advertise with Google Adwords

Advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

27. feed directories

Submit your blogs to these feed directories

28. Free Press release

Free press release websites are in search of press releases. Write it for your blog and submit to them

29. Use Newspaper

Ready for some investment? Advertise your blog on your local newspaper

30. Stay updated

Visit big blogs like techcrunch and mashable to keep a check on the latest happenings so that you can share them quickly with your readers too.

31. Do Video Posting

Entertain your readers by sharing video posts as reading big articles sometimes become too boring.

32. Interview ProBloggers

Give importance to professional bloggers by interviewing them. this will bring their followers on your blog too

33. Use Pictures

Images you use are equally important as the words of your post. choose them wisely.

34. Use Google News

Get your blog listed in Google news.

35. Target Celebrities

Your readers have an other side of the personality too. They always take ken interest in the news your share about celebrities. do focus on that as well.

36. Television

Publicizing your blog on local television is the best way to attract maximum customers. This method is very fruitful if one has the best resources.

37. Radio

With the rejuvenation of the radio channels, marketers now tend to advertise their blog on these channels by making live calls, sending text messages regarding your blog or through different deals with the radio organization.

38. Twitter

Twitter welcomes all kinds of bloggers to market their blog as tweets using #hashtags.

39. Online yellow pages.

The Online yellow pages can be also used to make your blogs available to your readers.

40. Like, tweet, Google+, etc.

One best way to attract traffic for your blog is by adding the social sharing buttons of like and share. Through this, hundreds of people will come to read your blog when you share your posts.

41.Blog Directories

Blog Directories assist in directing huge amount of traffic to newly turned bloggers and hence it adds to the publicizing of your blog.

42. Website directories

By sharing your articles to website directories you can get traffic.

43. Use Article Directories

People also get to know about your blog when you submit your posts to Article Directories.

44. Write on controversial topics

Diplomatic statements and controversial topics always help in achieving traffic for your writings. Writing on famous controversies like Steve Jobs, Facebook Timeline, etc can be very effective for your blog’s marketing.

45. Attack Google or any big company:

Once you hit your target of getting enough traffic to be talked about after one big hit article, all you got to do is keep moving with that flow as big platforms like Google is bound to cover for your blog already!
If you want to upgrade your blog rankings, then getting yourself enlisted in DMOZ, a google-affiliated directory that improve your blog rankings in various search engines and you can earn huge traffic.

46. Tags – the most important:

Having a tag is extremely crucial for attracting traffic. When you develop tags that are in hand with the tags used by the best search engines, you are bound to get traffic for your blog.

47. yahoo answers:

Being a proactive and a reactive blogger is very important. If you prove to your readers that you are a reliable blogger, your traffic will cease to go elsewhere and you will enjoy blog-loyal traffic permanently.

48. Use Stumbleupon

Remember to posts your articles to Stumbleupon.

49. Blogger Feedbacks on Questions

Compile the various queries that are frequently asked from different bloggers and write them up in one post. That particular post would serve as an added bonus for your readers.

50. Consistency

Earning with a blog on regular basis requires you to work hard consistently too. Its not a matter of a day or a week, in fact, you need to work harder and harder each day to build a strong readership, so much so that your readers start relying on you as an authentic source.
That was all for now, really hope that these tips would do magic for you as they did for Us.


Make Your Blog Popular!

Tips To Make Your Blog Popular!

35 Guru Tips To Make Your Blog Popular!It is true that the decisions you take in a business initially, decide the future of the entire set up. Talking about blogging specifically, there are certain tips that you must know, understanding their significance in boosting your blog’s popularity. It is obvious that once you plan to be a blogger, you look forward to a huge traffic following you along with a considerably great revenue been generated. However, what makes your blog a hit is your attitude towards adopting the basic requirements of this domain. The Tips might differ person to person, but after researching for days and days about what were the magic ingredients that professional bloggers added in their blogs that are earning in Billions today, Here is a list of 35 Must follow tips that you need to add in your blogging career.

1) Attractive Blog Name

Choose an eye-catching blog name that makes sense enough to let people know about your domain and follow it.

2) Blog Layout

The better the blog layout would be, the more traffic it would attract. Keep background colors light, giving it a decent look? Make things easier to understand for your readers.

3) An Exclusive Logo

You have chosen blogging as your business, right? You need to have an exclusive logo that will become your blog’s identity.

4) Post Regularly

Good Blogs show regularity in posting their articles. This keeps your visitor attached to you and ensures consistent traffic.

5) Share Quality Content

There are thousands of sites having same niche as yours, what makes you better than them is the quality content. Give your writing, your own shade with an interesting touch.

6) Post Length

what is the ideal post lengthAn ideal length of a post is in between 700- 1500 words, depending on the nature of post. Do not write lesser than 700, as Google penalize blogs for that severely. The post can be as long as you wish to, but lengthy posts make readers lose their interest in it.

7) Choose a Good Intro Image

An effective, self-explanatory image is essential for your post to become a hit. Choose high quality, relevant images.

8) Your own Screenshots Only

Many bloggers copy paste images in tutorial posts, which is a disaster thing to do. Always use your own screenshots while telling your viewers how to do something. This increases your credibility.

9) Recheck Your post

Being a human, it’s natural to make mistakes while typing. Check your articles before publishing for grammatical and spelling mistakes. This is what we call proofreading.

10) Easy navigation

Keep your blog simple for your visitors, providing them a simple navigation on your blog.

11) Show Your Creativity

Having many blogs in same niche, you need to add your creativity in your articles so that it takes you a level ahead than other bloggers.

12) Keep your Readers Involved

It is interrelated to point 11, the more creative you’d be, and the more interest your readers would show in your articles, decreasing the bounce rate of your blog.

13) Interact with your Readers

Keep a check of all the comments made by your visitors. Appreciate them for staying connected and answer their queries, if any.

14) Comment on other blogs

It’s no more a matter of prestige; you need to mingle well within other social circles to increase your traffic. Visit different blogs and tell on that platform about your existence.

15) Get Advertisements

In order to survive, getting advertisements is necessary. Use Google adwords to earn via pay per click advertising options.

16) List posts

This is what we have been doing on SEM, create list posts, it brings huge traffic!

17) Contests

Value your readers always. Start contests, polls and such activities on your blog to keep your readers active.

18) RSS feeds

rssAlways give an option on your blog to get subscribed via mails. People who are busy to visit your blog daily, can subscribe for its RSS feeds and can still stay connected.

19) Newsletter

Issue monthly newspapers to your visitors; sharing all the latest happenings on the blog with them.

20) Write SEO Friendly Content

Researching on how to write a SEO friendly article can really help in making your blog popular.

21) Make Your Blog your Identity

I’m sure all of you are well aware of e-mail signature. Write your blog name and url of your blog in email signatures.

22) Correct Your Fellow Bloggers

Be a good observer on different blogs and let the owner know about any mistake or error that might occur on a blog. Keep your tone polite and do not try to act smart.

23) Share on Facebook

Sharing your posts on Facebook Groups and Pages can make your posts, a hit. 

24) Share it on Twitter

Twitter is a great social networking site to attract traffic from western countries. Majority of the users are from west and publicizing your post in twitter can attract those users to become your readers.

25) Allow Links in Comments

The real bloggers have actually got no interest in coming to your blog all the way and read your articles only out of good will. In fact, they are themselves looking for opportunities on your blog to introduce their work. Allowing bloggers to leave their links in their comments will give them a reason to come to your blog again and again, increasing your traffic.

26) Maintain decency

It is a pity that sometimes bloggers fail badly to respect their profession and use their blog more than an informative platform and use it unethically. As a blogger, you need to earn some respect through the way you address your readers, and its only then that people actually start respecting your blog.

27)Use Keywords

Using keywords in your posts keeps you and Search engines happy at the same time. Always try to play with keywords of the post to get more page views, further increasing your earnings.

28) Give Value to your Headlines

Your selection for titles of the post is the most important thing when it comes to your creativity. This was one of those things that I used to find really difficult, initially. Your readers Judge the entire post with the title; always try to keep simple and straight forward titles.

29) Keep Updating the Blog

If you aim high for your blog and do not want it to become outdated just like iGoogle, then keep upgrading it to ensure that your blog meets up the changing demands of readers. Changing blog design once in six months can also be a good decision.

30) Keep Drafts ready

As a blogger its your responsibility to ensure the regular posting on your blog. However as blogging is an entrepreneurship business, where you are answerable to nobody, there are wide chances that you might skip your postings due to some other engagements. Therefore keep your 5 posts saved in drafts at minimum always. Make sure that the posts you choose to save as drafts have a timeless effect in them, the posts that can be published in all scenarios, like How-to posts, Best tips, etc.

31) Easy to read Fonts.

Blogs owning a lucida Handwriting font might give it an unprofessional look for sure. Keep your Font style and size readable for your readers.

32) Give a strong competition

There is always an unsaid war going on in between you and bloggers, writing for same niche. Try to give a tough time to them with your skills that are needed to be polished further with your each post!

33) Set an Inspiration

Having an inspiration in life is really a motivating thing and if you have no ideal personalities, then better start searching them. Reading about great people, here, blogs will always create a feeling to follow similar footsteps to reach on similar levels of success.

34) Be Yourself

This tip is given by almost all the bloggers who share tutorials on similar topics, that is the reason; I have listed this too common tip here. Being yourself mean that you should never place a wrong impact on your readers about either you or your knowledge. Become the master of your domain and do not fake about things you hardly know!

35) Never Give Up

Your one post cannot decide about your efficiency, it is just like some days are not meant for you. As a blogger, I m a living witness of it! What happen actually is the frequency of your readers and yours do not match at times; your readers, having a complete freedom of speech do not think once giving you a bad comment. But this is the point you need to check your post views. The post itself made it in attracting enough traffic that few of them dislike it. Although that feeling is pathetic, still keep your spirits high and start working on the next post, hoping to have some better results. You will see, soon things will start working out.
That was all for now, hope that these tips turn out to beneficial for you in your blogging career.


Adsense Ads in Dynamic Views

How to Show Adsense Ads in Dynamic Views?

adsense-in-dynamic-viewsDynamic Views are 7 different flavors of interactive layouts that blogger introduced last year. The team is working hard to introduce new widgets and features that may support Dynamic Views (DV) Templates. In today's tutorial we will learn how to integrate Adsense Ad units inside these templates. Ad units which are supported at present are 728 X 90 Leaderboard and 160 x 1600 wide skyscraper. Both these ad formats are high performance Ads which gives impressive returns because the click through rate for them is high.  Since HTML/JavaScript can not be used yet in Dynamic views therefore if you try to embed AdSense Code into your layout you wont be able to see any ads on the blog. There is a dynamic approach required in order to display ads on your blog posts. Lets get to work now!

Show Adsense Ads in Blogger Dynamic Views

  1. Go To Blogger > Select your blog
  2. Next to your blog you will see "post list" icon, click it
  3. From the drop down menu choose "Earnings"
     3.   There you will see two options. Either you can apply for a new AdSense account or you can link your existing account to blogger. If you are an AdSense publisher and your account is already approved then simply click Link Adsense account and within seconds the public ID of your account will be linked to blogger.
      4.  You will then see two options Show ads on blog and Insert ads in feeds.
Show ads on blog : This option will provide you with 3 Ad positions or locations. The best option to select  is to display ads in both sidebar and below posts. So choose the options as shown in the screenshot below.
Insert ads in feeds : This option will insert an Ad either at the top of each post in your RSS feeds or will display an ad just below the post. I would recommend that you choose to display ads at the top of the feed item for high CTR. The next option is to set the Ad type. Choose Text/image ads for better performance. Next comes Frequency. Set frequency to Every Feed item. Finally you have to decide the Post length. This part rather sounds funny. Why would someone write a post of 50 words or even 250 words when this word limit can make you a victim of recent Google Penguin Penalty? So please write each post of no less than 500 words. Please read the following tutorials and SEO guides to keep yourself protected:
  • Penguin and Panda Series
  • What is the ideal word limit for an optimized post?
Set Post length to Posts of any length. See the screenshot below for assistance.
   5.   After you have made the necessary settings, click the "Save settings" button at your top-right
   6.   Now comes the difficult part! Visit your blog to see Adsense ads appearing just perfectly. :)
Both Ads will appear on blog posts for all views except Classic view where only a leaderboard display below each post. For high AdSense revenue we would recommend you choose sidebar as your default view. The ads would appear both on homepage and blog posts and the post list in the sidebar would surely boost your overall pageviews leading to high Adsense page impressions.


Work From Home & Make Money

10 Best Websites You Must Join To Work From Home & Make Money

10 best freelancing websites
So, do you ever want to do your office work from the luxury of your home? Or do you not like your boss? Or maybe, you're a boss, but you don't like your job because your subordinates don't like you? What if you could earn by working right from home? Appealing, isn't it? It can be done, however, and millions of people worldwide are doing it. So what does it take? Apparently, nothing much except for the right skill-set, a decent platform, online access, and the will to ignore someone who says "Where is your office located?"
 What you are looking for, my friend, is called freelance work. You work for people online who want a certain job done. The skill-set will be yours to input, but we can provide you with a list of the top platforms where you can find jobs. These are freelancing websites that happen to be some of the best. Now, every freelancing website will tell you it's the "number one" freelancing website, but don't you fall for that. Leave the job of picking the best such sites up to us. So here's a list of the top 10 websites where you can find jobs you can work upon from home.

1. Elance

Elance is the best freelancing website without a doubt. It is a U.K based website that started in 1998. Not only is it the oldest and most popular, but is also the most highly paying website. Contractors are looking for their work to be done professionally, and they'll pay good money for it. No matter what sort of freelance work you're looking for, you'll most probably find it here. There are more than 1.5 million contractors registered with Elance! And they post more than 60k jobs per month!
So many job options, and Elance's reliability and surety of payment via various methods verily make it the best freelancing website in the world! Elance does not charge you anything for signing up. But there is a paid package that unlocks many privileges for you. But my advice is, get a free membership, and work your way into the premium one.

2. oDesk

oDesk is number two only because it isn't just as well known as Elance. But I don't think that's fair to the site. Quality-wise, it is one of the best websites. You can look for any sort of work at oDesk. I personally have some writing job experience at oDesk, and it was amazing. I was a beginner, and I didn't know my way around. oDesk made it so easy for me. And I got picked for the job so easily that I was amazed.
oDesk has all the features that Elance has. But there's got to be a reason why it isn't number one itself, right? Well, there is one. oDesk is slightly lower paid than Elance. Average rates for the same kind of jobs are lower on oDesk than on Elance, but still higher than many other websites. It's a slight difference though. Apart from that, oDesk is great. Indeed a must try for beginners.

3. Freelancer

Like Elance, Freelancer is also one of the oldest freelancing platforms. It is very popular, and has more than 3.6 million users! And it has a total job count of more than 1.6 million! It is a good paying website, with most of the Elance and oDesk features. It has some of the best payment options, which is useful for people who don't have PayPal access in their country.

4. ScriptLance

Now here's an underdog that's made its way into the top 5. And rightly so! Compared to Elance, it's a very small platform. But it is dedicated to the Programming and IT field. So if you are looking for coding or other computer-related jobs, then this might be the thing for you! The fact that this is a small website makes it easier for you to get a job!ScriptLance charge only a 5% on all your earnings, which is the lowest by far! Plus, there's no sign up or registration fee. Better yet, it has an affiliate program that gives you bonuses whenever one of your friends join the site through you.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a different sort of Freelancing website. For one, it's the workers who post jobs they are willing to do, and not the hirers posting what they want done. For another, jobs can only cost $5, one dollar from which goes to Fiverr.. Be that as it may, Fiverr is a very unique website, probably one of its kind. It is a micro-freelancing site, which has mini-jobs called gigs. Workers post gigs they are willing to do. Contractors then order that gig. It is best for getting your freelancing career started. Not only will you find professional jobs here, you will also find some of the most ridiculous jobs and skids you ever saw in your life! It's a must try website, especially for beginners. So get ready to be amazed by Fiverr!

6. Guru

I think the name speaks for itself here. Guru really is a freelancing platform guru. It is also one of the most popular freelancing websites like Elance or oDesk. And it has many similar features. The only downside though, is that if you have a free account with them, then you get a very limited number of bids you can use per month. Kind of a mood killer for such a big website. But overall, it is a very good website. You can always try out other sites while working on this one. So sign up now and utilize your bids!

7. vWorker

vWorker is another very reputable freelancing website. It is best known for its highly scrutinized screening process, which ensures that you only get jobs relevant to your own skills. This saves a lot of time and effort, and if you want to hire, it will provide you with highly relevant people who can do the job well. A must try for all freelancers.

8. 99 Designs

This is a design-oriented freelancing website. Contractors post design contests of various types, such as logo designing, page designing etc. Freelancers need to submit their designs. The best design wins the contest, and bags a lot of money. This is sort of time consuming, and a bit risky especially for new freelancers. But if you are a good artist, and if you have the potential, then you can walk off with lots of money in your pocket. Interested?
99 Designs

9. GetACoder

As the name suggests, this website is related to programming, web development, and other IT related jobs. This is one of the oldest such websites. It has thousands of active contractors. So if you are into programming and such stuff, then this might be the thing for you. It pays really well too.

10. crowdSPRING

This website is very similar to 99 Designs. It works in a similar way too. But it pays more! Only problem though, is it is somewhat hard to get selected because there is a lot of competition. Still, it made it to out top 10 list.
Well, there goes out list of the top 10 freelancing websites! If you've got questions regarding freelancing, then feel free to ask in the comments section below. It's good to see you guys again :). Have a good day :). Oh, and do share your freelancing experiences with us. If you quit your job for freelancing, did you find freelancing worth the risk? And if you know of any better freelancing website, then do tell us about it. Cheers :)


Custom Robots Tags

Settings For "Custom Robots Tags" Inside Post Editor

custom robots tags in bloggerBlogger just added Custom robots header tags to post editor. One of the features of search preferences was robots.txt and Robots tags which could be set only for homepage, archives, posts and pages. But now you can edit these settings even for individual posts and pages right from BlogSpot post editor. Unlike Meta Description, Custom Robots Header tags are not visible and are not shown if you try to check  it by viewing the browser source file for your blog. You will only see Meta Description if you have added the dynamic code. We will learn today where are robots tags added in your templates and how can you view them. Lets first find and locate these Robots header tags.

Why Can't You See Robots Tags?

If you have applied custom robots flags by following the tutorial for Search Preferences, then you would have observed that you don't see any flag appearing when you view the source file of your blog. This is because that these flags can be seen only in the HTTP header fields. Google now accepts robots tags which are directly added to the Headers of the HTML Page.

Settings For Custom Robots Tags Headers

To see header tags in post header you must first activate the custom headers. If you have not yet activated then follow these steps. Go to Settings | Search Preferences, click Edit next to "Custom robots header tags," and select Yes. Activated Successfully!
Now you must learn when should you use them. Using them correctly can help you rank better and using them at wrong scenarios can surely play the opposite.
Tag Meaning
all There are no restrictions for indexing or serving. This is default for all pages
noindex Do not show this page in search results and do not show a "Cached" link in search results.
nofollow Do not follow the links on this page
none Equivalent to noindex, nofollow
noarchive Do not show a "Cached" link in search results.
nosnippet Do not show a snippet in the search results for this page
noodp Do not use metadata from the Open Directory project (DMOZ) for titles or snippets shown for this page.
notranslate Do not offer translation of this page in other languages in search results.
noimageindex Do not index images on this page.
unavailable_after: [RFC-850 date/time] Do not show this page in search results after the specified date/time. The date/time must be specified in the RFC 850 format. Example: 17 May 2012 15:00:00 PST
The only tags which you should focus on are noimageindex, noindex and nofollow. Rest are just not required for a small scale blog. All of these tags are useful when you have a corporate blog or website with thousands of pages or even millions of pages. They help to control how search engines may crawl your content.
When to use noimageindex ?
If you are sharing personal or family pictures on any of your posts or page then may be you would prefer not to make those pictures public and keep them limited to readers reach only. In such case you may check this option and robots will be directed not to index the pics or images used inside the post.
When to use noindex?
Any page or post that you want to hide from robots and visitors can be tagged as noindex. Visitors wont be able to discover that page via search engines or may be even with the Google Custom Search Engine.
You can even noindex post or pages that you think will effect your search ranking. Google Panda Effects all those blogs which publishes low quality content. If you feel any of your post is just for entertainment purpose and does not relate to your niche then you can simply choose the noindex option from Header Tags.
When to use nofollow?
If you are creating a useful directory of 100 or more links that all point to some external websites and you don't want to pass your PageRank juice to them then you can choose the nofollow header tag.
If you are looking for when to nofollow links then read this tutorial:


Saturday, 7 July 2012

DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9

DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9

NEWS ANALYSIS: While the chances of any of your computers having an active DNS Changer malware infection are remote, you should still check to make sure your system is clean and confirm that somewhere along the line your DNS settings didn’t get changed.

DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9

The DNS Changer malware has been all over the news during the last couple of days, and with good reason. If you haven’t checked that your computers are malware-free and fixed an apparent DNS Changer infection, you won’t be able to use the Internet very easily come Monday, July 9.
Monday is the day that the FBI pulls the plug on the Domain Name System (DNS) servers that have been kept running as a safety net for people who were infected by the malware, and as a result were being directed to bogus DNS servers.
When the servers are taken offline July 9, the only way you’ll be able to access the Internet if you’re affected is to type in the actual IP address because your computer won’t be able to resolve addresses. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if you’re affected, and the problem is easy to fix. Here’s what you need to do.
First, visit the Website of the DNS Changer Working Group where you’ll see a description of the DNS Changer and what it does. You’ll also see a green button that is labeled “Detect.” On that page, you’ll see a chart listing sites around the world that will tell you whether your computer is resolving DNS addresses properly. The site for the United States is and it has a simple interface that presents a green square if your computer is resolving IP addresses properly.
You should note that when I tried the U.S. site only two of the four browsers on the test computer would actually load it. Firefox and Internet Explorer worked fine, Google Chrome and Apple Safari did not. Neither would load the address at all. Note that this test was done on a machine running a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Other computers have delivered results with various browsers.
If for some reason you’re not able to get the site to load, try the European site at, which I found works more reliably. Note that the European site will record the operating system and browser that you’re using.
If you get the all-clear, you’re probably done. While it’s possible that your ISP is redirecting the bogus DNS requests for you, you’ll still get to the Internet. If you want to be totally certain, either check your computer’s DNS settings manually or have your IT department check them. Note that in addition to the sites listed by the DCWG, other sites including Google and Facebook will alert you if you appear to be having DNS problems related to malware.

DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9 - Clusters of Infected Machines Indicate a Systemic Problem

But suppose you didn’t get the green light saying that your computer is OK. If that happens, the DCWG offers a list of places where you can access malware removers that will clean the malware out of your system. Most security vendors, including Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and Microsoft, have free software that will clean your system.
Note that the same page also provides a list of resources for making sure your computer is really free of malware and stays that way. Resources for PC and Macintosh computers are included in these lists.
Once you’ve finished the initial tests and fixed the malware infection or its after-effects, it’s time to review your security posture. While an infected computer or two inside a large organization may not indicate a systemic problem, seeing more than a few will. Likewise, seeing malware infections in clusters within an office will indicate a problem. It may be that a specific remote office isn’t being as careful as it should, for example, or it may mean that the anti-malware application in that location is compromised.
If you find that your security systems are compromised, then the answer is clear, call the person in your company who is in charge of data security and ask for help.
Now, suppose it’s Monday morning and you just found out that one or more of your computers suddenly can’t find the Internet when everyone else can. If you haven’t already downloaded one or more of the free malware removal tools provided by DCWG, you should do so now, even if you have to use a computer outside the office. Save the malware removal tool on a flash drive, take it to the affected computers and before doing anything else, check the DNS settings.
You may be able to clear up the problem just by fixing the DNS settings. If those settings don’t stay fixed, then run the malware-removal tool doing the full-system scan. This will take a while. When it’s finished, the malware will be gone, and you’ll have a list of what was done.
None of this is rocket science, but some of it is tedious. Don’t try to take shortcuts. Instead, do the full removal job. But while you’re waiting, you can start thinking about what you need to accomplish to make your systems as secure as they should be from now on.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Free Web Scripts

Free Web Scripts Open Source

One of the unwritten rules of the script industry is that every week, new scripts are released, while others are simply abandoned and no longer maintained. Some of these newly developed scripts will at times be proclaimed as the best, with their marketing pitch reading along the lines of “Install me!” “Try me!” “Worship Me!”
We know that these sales pitches are simply buzz, or rather, noise. And here at Hot Scripts, one of our missions is to separate that noise from what’s useful and to highlight the hottest scripts to web developers. For this month’s issue of our newsletter, we wanted to take our mandate further and showcase a list of emerging scripts that are gaining popularity among web developers.
Here is our list, in no particular order, of 25 Emerging Free Scripts to Watch. This list comprises scripts coded in different languages and in a broad range of categories, from e-commerce to social networking and frameworks.

Open Atrium

Open Atrium is an intranet that combines six modules – a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to-do list, a shoutbox and a dashboard to manage it all. Companies can use it as a collaboration tool whereby which different teams can start conversations or share files. It proves to be very useful for individual as a project management tool. The best thing about Open Atrium is that it is based on Drupal, which makes it extremely customizable.


Pixie is a free, open source web application that will help you quickly create your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a “content management system (cms)”, but the developers prefer to call it a small, simple, website maker. It has an elegant interface and takes seconds to install and has a great list of built-in features including WYSIWYG editor, automated database backups, SEO friendly URLs and multilingual support.


Croogo is a free open source content management system based on the CakePHP framework. You can create different content types including blog, node and page and categorize your content using taxonomy. Pages can comment-enabled with built-in moderation features. Croogoo also includes a menu manager, file manager and user permission manager.


Monoql is an AJAX based MySQL admin and query tool. It has a bunch of features you’ll find in phpMyAdmin including database and table design, browsing of records, in-line editing as well as advanced querying. Compared to other similar solutions, Monoql is faster and stable.


TeamLab is an open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. It is based on ASP.Net, C# and supports both MySQL and SQLite. It has several features like project management, reports, instant messenger, polls, task management and milestone tracking.

Pulse CMS

PulseCMS is a simple CMS designed for small websites. It enables you to take an existing site and add content management in five minutes. Define the “blocks” on your website you wish to be editable and Pulse provides an easy to use backend to make edits right from your browser. It doesn’t require any database.


Hummingbird takes a different approach to web analytics by proving real time web traffic visualization – it allows you to see how visitors are interacting with your website in real time. It refreshes 20 times per seconds Hummingbird is built on the top of Node.js, a JavaScript web toolkit and uses the MongoDB database system.


Plupload is an upload handler that allows you to upload files using HTML5 Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms, providing some unique features such as upload progress, image resizing and chunked uploads.  It has a powerful API that will allow you to further customize it.


Gestalt is a way to write Ruby, Python & XAML code in your (X)HTML pages. It enables you to build richer and more powerful web applications by marrying the benefits of expressive languages, modern compilers, AJAX & RIAs with the write /  save / refresh development model of the web.


php.js is an open source project that brings high-level PHP functions to low-level JavaScript platforms such as web browsers, browser extensions ( Mozilla/Firefox, Chrome ) and Abobe Air.  It support a wide range of PHP functions like  arrays, mathematics, strings, date and time, regular expressions and filesystem.


Grafico is a JavaScript charting library built with RaphaĆ«l and Prototype.js. The library provides a wide array of graphs that effectively communicate their information. Each graph type has numerous API options to customize it’s look and behavior.


Phraseanet is an open solution for digital asset management. Digital assets can be virtually anything from photos, videos, audio files to documents. It has quickly evolved as a powerful solution with a usable interface for managing your assets online. This script is based on PHP and MySQL.


Chevereto is a free script, written in PHP, that lets you set up your own image hosting on your web server. It supports image upload either from your local computer or from a remote URL. Images uploaded can be set to automatically resize and you can set it to shorten the image URL using TinyURL web service.


Meteora is a set of cross-browser Javascript Widgets that provides web developers with ready-to-use user interface controls to create Rich Internet Applications. It is based on the MooTools framework and offers great widgets like calendar picker, file browser, data grids, and other interface related controls and effects.


Analogue is a PHP based chat application that allows you to start a linear dialogue with others in a chat room. Only people with a valid URL can come in and join the conversation. The design is simple, sleek and usable. This script makes use of a bunch of other frameworks like lithium, douchdb and jQuery.


PrestaShop is a free open-source PHP and MySQL based e-commerse software. It was built to take advantage of essential Web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy. PrestaShop guides users through your product catalog intelligently and effortlessly, turning intrigued visitors into paying customers.


Uki is a fast and simple JavaScript user interface toolkit for desktop-like web applications.  It comes with a rich view-component library ranging from Slider to List and SplitPane.  You really need to check out their Mac web clone demo powered by UKi.


Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types. It works in all modern browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 6.


Argentum is a free open-source invoicing and online project management system. It is ideal for developers and designers who works with clients’ projects. You will be able to manage your client’s projects, their contact information as well as time track how much time you spent with each projects.  You can create, email and track invoices for your clients and it has the ability to generate invoices in PDF format.


Ofuz is an open source invoice, project and customer relation solution created solely for teams, freelancers and service providers. It supports an elegant and streamlined interface combining powerful tools like contact management, time tracking, invoice generation, lead capture and tracking. Most of its features have been designed with online collaboration in mind.


cFTP is a PHP and MySQL based file management system aimed at managing client-specific files and giving them access to either upload or view the files. It has a really simple and attractive design with user roles permission system. You can brand the interface by uploading your logo.


Storytlr is an open source lifestreaming and micro blogging platform. It allows you to aggregate your social and online life content from over 18 popular sources like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and FlickR. It will also let you post anything you find any interesting and share it with others.


PyroCMS is a modular open-source CMS built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It is lightweight, themeable and secure and is meant to be a CMS that can be used by anyone. It has great web integration features like automatic posting of your articles to your Twitter account, integration with Google Analytics, etc.

painbrush JS

PaintbrushJS is a lightweight, browser-based image processing library that can apply various visual filters to images within a web page. You use it by applying a class to an element on the page and setting a few parameters with some extra HTML attributes It support filters like blur, noise, edges, emboss, grayscale and mosaic.


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